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This was where it all started (This branch no longer exist)

I once had a figurine toy back in my kindergarten year(s). It was a Kamen Rider 1. I always brought it over to school. And one day, a classmate of mine borrowed it and later insisted me to lend it to him for one night. I agreed.

It was a decision I probably regretted back then because the next thing I knew in the ensuing morning, my figurine lost one of his arms. He was, however, not very apologetic on what he had done. The very next day he brought over the same figurine as mine to school. Brand new. You’d probably expect that will come as a replacement for my broken one. Negatory. Ain’t that a b****? LOL. If I’d knew cussing, I probably went ballistic towards him. Lucky for him, I was just a kid.

Picture taken from Rajul Adli's smugsmug site

But I’m over it. This is just my long overdue rant. It is just one of my memories when I started schooling. Andddddd... I just graduated last Saturday on 29th May 2010 from Institut Teknologi Brunei!!! Alhamdulillah. School is over. For now.

... or maybe on steroids, whatever that is. We have around less than a dozen of mango trees, I think. On one of them, this particular strange-looking mango fruit caught our eye. I'm not sure we're gonna eat this one. We'll see.

ps: oh hello! :)

Caught napping when the last group was presenting :D

I will update this post later when I'm done with uploading photos on my flickr.

More on my flickr.

Happy New Year!!!

ps: tripod, i want.